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Why operation in stone problem?
S.M.G Healthcare has brought Eco Stone Kit which only few days you will get rid of stones. Staphylococcus is one of the most serious diseases, due to incorrect eating stones complain. In particular, calculus work is done by drinking water. Due to this, patients have to face many problems. Problems like having abdominal pain, urine passing etc.

The disease progresses when there is no right kind of food. People who have kidney stones, they unconsciously eat many such things, which increases their disease rather than work.
Let us tell you what should not be eaten in the disease of stone Avoiding - Tomato seeds, raw rice, urad daal, brinjal seeds, seeds of bee seeds and moss fish should not be eaten.
Suitable for food - Herbal tea, radish, coconut water, lemon, wheat, Vitamin-C, sugarcane juice, fiber-rich food, apple juice etc. Method - Eco Stone Churan take half a teaspoon morning after eating with Limca.
Eco stone plus take half a teaspoon with Limca after dinner in the evening and drink five to no litters daily.
Do you have stone in your kidney or Gall baldder ? Get the ayurvedic treatment without any side effects.

  • Features: No side effect
    Precise composition
    High effectiveness
    Accurate pH value
  • Certified By: Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

Customer Reviews (20)

Mukesh Kumar - 2018-08-12

I am Mukesh Kumar, living in Patel Gardens. My age is 55 years. I was troubled because of stone since long. I've been taking it with my medicine for the last three months, have enough benefits. Thank You Eco Stone

Sushma Devi - 2018-08-20

I am Sushma Devi living in Jharkhand. I am age of 60. I had trouble due to stone problem for the last 10 years. When i started to take eco stone it is now relaxed - Thanks Eco Stone Kit

Meena Devi - 2018-08-25

I Meena Devi, a resident of Delhi, is 55 years old. I had stone problem. But since I started consuming Eco Stone, it is comfortable in my stone pain. Thank You

Nutan - 2018-08-29

I was suffering from stone problem, I was looking for some ayurvedic treatment. Not only does my stone 1mm, but I have never observed any side effects. Thank You Eco Stone

Kavita - 2018-09-10

Eco Stone brought down pain in stone and finished my stone problem. Thanks a lot

Sharmila - 2018-09-24

Sharmila Devi’s mother had stone pain for last 2-3 years. She had tried numerous medicines but didnt find any relief. But after taking Eco Stone, she got relief . Thanks a lot

Bablu - 2018-09-29

I am very thankful for S.M.G. It has really benifitted me in my stone problem. I sincerely hope that they will go a long way.

Reena - 2018-10-06

After recommendation from S.M.G, I have started taking Eco Stone kit. This is basically recommended for stone. I feel absolutely fresh after having your wellness medicine. Congrats for such a nice product.

Vikram Kamdar - 2018-10-10

I have been taking this medicine ECO Stone for the last 3 months, my stone level has dropped this is a wonderful drug which is helping me in reversing my health to normalcy.

Sarita - 2018-10-10

My stone went down from 11 to 8.6 by day 7!

Sarita - 2018-10-11

Eco stone is one of the best medician for stone problem.

Nanda - 2018-10-11

Thanks to S.M.G. Healthcare my stone is now completed finished, very pleased with the results.

Poonam - 2018-10-15

I was used this product but it's take more time but it's gives 100% result. Thank You S.M.G. Healthcare